Safety Precautions for Changing a Tyre on a Slope

Tips to Safely Change a Tyre on an Inclined Ground

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When on the road, motorists have to deal with different terrains. Manoeuvring a vehicle on a flat pavement is much easier than on an incline or sloppy surface. A cautious approach is a must to steer clear of hazards when driving on uneven ground. Moreover, it can get even trickier if a car tyre runs flat on a slope. 

Is It Safe to Change a Tyre on an Inclined Ground?

Unveiling some useful tips to change tyre on an inclined ground
Here’s how to safely replace a car’s tyre on a slope

Typically, it is not recommended to change a tyre on a slope. One can call a mobile tyre service company in Dubai or other emirates in such an emergency. Roadside assistance services in the UAE are plenty, with some assisting with emergencies by towing vehicles or carrying out on-site repairs. 

That said, if the help can’t be reached for some reason, such as a phone’s dead battery or unavailability of cellular coverage, the situation becomes unavoidable. In such a scenario, here are some essential safety precautions to change a tyre on an inclined ground.

Preventive Tips to Change a Tyre on an Inclined Ground

There are many essential tools needed for changing a tyre. In addition, motorists need to be highly cautious when performing a tyre replacement on an incline. Here are some precautions to take to prevent any hazards.

  • The car must be parked on the side of the road with hazard lights on.
  • Park the car in such a position that the affected car tyre is on the highest side of the slope.
  • In the case of an auto transmission, engage the P (parking) break. Depending on the car model, it can either be activated by a lever or a button. 
  • In the case of a manual car, besides engaging the hand brake, park it in first or reverse gear. This allows the transmission to lock the tyres of a car 
  • Make the use of a curb nearby. Steer car wheels against the curb to stop the car from slipping away if it loses balance or control. Moreover, follow these tips to avoid curb damage on tyres and wheels while keeping the car safe.
  • As an additional safety measure, secure the wheels with wood or metal wedges. If none of these are available, use a concrete block or a large stone. It is one of the key tips on how to safely replace a wheel on a slope. The chances of a car slipping away or falling on either side during car replacement shouldn’t be ruled out.
  • Once the car is safe, replace the tyre. Lose the lug nuts before lifting the car with the jack. 
  • Make sure the spare tyre is seated properly on the car wheel hub. Don’t rush on anything. 
  • Lower the jack and tighten the lug nuts property to secure the wheel. If the stud is loose or broken, it calls for an immediate fix. Driving with a broken wheel stud is not only unsafe but also harmful to a car.

Using a Sealant Instead of Changing a Tyre on a Slope

Using a tips to change tyre on an inclined ground
Using sealant to fill up the puncture is a feasible alternative to changing a tyre on a slope

This is another option to avoid the hassle of tyre replacement on an incline. However, to use a sealant, one should also have a tyre inflator kit. Before applying the sealant or inflating the tyre, check its temperature and pressure. There are tyre pressure monitoring systems in modern cars. These components can give you the relevant updates with analogue or digital gauges. 

Even if a vehicle has a TPMS, it’s recommended to use tyre pressure gauges that come with tyre inflators. Yes, different types of car tyre inflators come with pressure gauges to ensure safety. It is an added layer of precaution to prevent mishaps leading to tyre blowouts. 

Using the car tyre sealant is a temporary fix. Here’s how to do it.

  • Insert the sealant through the air valve in the car tyre. Right after that, inflate the tyre to the recommended air pressure level. Read the car owner’s manual for necessary instructions.
  • Once the air is filled, drive the car for a short distance. This way the sealant can flow all through inside the tyre, sealing the puncture.
  • Remember it is a temporary fix. Take the car to the nearest workshop or a spot where you can reach out to the emergency services.
  • Keep these UAE roadside emergency safety tips in mind to stay safe.


Can you replace a tyre on a slope?

Yes. As discussed above, there is a trick to change a tyre on an inclined ground. However, it is not recommended to change a tyre on uneven ground unless it’s unavoidable. 

Can you seek professional help for changing a flat tyre on a sloped driveway?

Yes, there are plenty of mobile tyre service companies in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. These service providers can help you tackle such emergencies safely. 

Where to buy necessary DIY tools for car tyre replacement?

dubizzle is a vast platform presenting you with an array of used car parts and accessories for sale in the UAE. Here you may find the necessary tools for DIY car tyre replacement.

How to safely park a car on an inclined surface?

From precautionary manoeuvring to engaging car parking brakes, here are some useful tips for parking a car on an inclined surface.

The entire process can be safer if we know the right trick to change a tyre on an inclined ground. However, the best case scenario will be to call in a car recovery company in Dubai and other emirates. These service providers aid with different types of roadside emergencies. 

Besides tyre conditions, a host of other mechanical issues can lead to car breakdowns. Such factors emphasise the importance of a thorough inspection when buying a used car in the UAE.

For more tips on how to change a wheel on a slope, keep reading dubizzle Cars’ blog.


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