Common Car Sunroof Problems

car sunroof problems

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The evolution of cars has witnessed the introduction of numerous features. From performance to the driving experience, these features enhance it all. Moreover, some notable additions tend to do both. Sunroofs, for instance, are a notable addition to modern vehicles. In addition to aesthetic appeal, these enhance the driving experience. However, sunroofs are prone to damage too. We have compiled a list of some common car sunroof problems. Explore the most common issues and learn how to tackle them.

Some Common Car Sunroof Problems

sunroofs have become more of a necessity in modern vehicles
A highly popular feature, sunroofs are readily available in modern vehicles

Sunroofs have garnered immense popularity over the years. From electric to petrol and hybrid cars all types of vehicles come equipped with sunroofs. Additionally, leading auto brands make this feature available on their top-of-the-line models.

Numerous advancements have made sunroofs better than ever. Also, users now have a range of design options to choose from. However, with time, sunroofs can experience issues. Moreover, lack of maintenance or bad driving habits may trigger problems in the sunroof.

Let’s take a look at some common vehicle sunroof problems and their possible solutions.


Sunroofs house a seal around their edges. Additionally, some types include a pair of seals. The sunroof seals contain a drainage system that leads water to the front or under the vehicle. This ensures no water droplets enter the vehicle.

Generally, the first seal and drainage system can stop water flow on their own. However, in some cases, leaves or debris can find a way inside the system. Consequently, the drainage system is clogged. The second then seal works to prevent water entry. With nowhere else to go, water eventually finds a way through the seal.

Water can cause serious damage to the upholstery and interior. Therefore, it is important to fix this issue at the earliest. Fortunately, car sunroof leak repair can be done as a DIY job. Here’s a guide on fixing a leaking vehicle sunroof to do the job efficiently.


one of the common car sunroof problems is broken or cracked glass
Cracked or broken sunroofs can impact the use of AC and heaters

This is one of the rather car sunroof problems. Car sunroof glass is of the highest quality. Consequently, it does not break or crack easily. However, frequent pressure or droppings can crack the surface. Even break the glass in some cases.

This usually happens to cars parked under trees. Either way, a broken surface leaves the car vulnerable to weather conditions. The AC won’t be effective during the summer months. Similarly, the car heater won’t be able to warm the vehicle during chilly weather.

The best way is to replace the glass. Duct tape might do the job temporarily but it’s not a permanent solution. Take the vehicle to a service station and replace the glass.


A broken motor is also among the common car moonroof problems. Modern sunroofs are mostly automatic – operable by the press of a button. Problems in the automatic motor can prevent sunroof’s functioning. This can particularly be an issue if the sunroof is open and weather conditions suddenly change.

Although not as complex as a car starter motor, the sunroof motor still houses an array of components. For instance, gears, relays, fuses and wiring. Since the system is complex, it is better to let a professional handle the issue.


some common car sunroof problems include motor failure
Automatic sunroof doors can experience issues like failure to open or close

Among the common car sunroof problems are mechanical issues. The motor may be in pristine and working condition. However, the sunroof door might reflect some problems. For instance, failure to open with ease or not closing properly.

This usually happens because of dirt and debris. The same thing happens to the windshield wiper blades of a car as dirt settles in the gears. In either case, the right course of action is to clean the components carefully. Take the glass out and clean it. Moreover, be extra cautious around the sunroof mirror. Use a clean cloth and gently remove the particles.


Noise while driving can be a huge distraction. Additionally, these can indicate an underlying problem in some cases. The sunroof can also rattle during a drive and cause distracting noises.

Usually, the issue is because of a lack of lubrication. Therefore, lubricate the end part to stop the rattling. Moreover, rattling sounds may also be caused by misalignment. Check and see if there is a visible misalignment.

If the issue persists, take the vehicle to a service station. Besides the sunroof rattling sound, here are some effective ways to reduce noise in cars for a comfortable driving experience.


Do Sunroofs Have Problems?

Although highly efficient, sunroofs are still susceptible to problems. For instance, leakage, breakage and mechanical and electrical issues.

Why is My Sunroof Not Working Properly?

The issue can be with the sunroof’s motor. In this case, drivers cannot open or close the sunroof. Moreover, this could be because of dirt or debris stuck between gears. Check the sunroof thoroughly or have a professional look at it if the problem persists.

Are Panoramic Sunroofs a Good Idea?

Panoramic sunroofs provide a unique driving experience. Wider than conventional sunroofs, these provide an open-roof type experience. Here are all the major pros and cons of panoramic sunroofs to get a better understanding of these handy components.

enjoy a unique driving experience with sunroofs
Ensure proper maintenance of the sunroofs and make full use of the handy feature

There you have it, a list of common sunroof problems and why they happen. Sunroofs hold a great appeal and are readily available on modern vehicles. However, like other components, it is important to ensure maintenance to ensure a long-running life.

Be sure to clean it timely and avoid parking under trees. Moreover, inspect the component promptly in case of any issues. Here is a monthly car maintenance checklist to help you better look after your vehicles.

While sunroofs currently take centre stage, the ongoing evolution of car design is likely to bring more components into the spotlight. Fancy buying a car with a sunroof or moonroof? Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and select the vehicle that best matches your requirements.

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