Why Is Your Car AC Leaking Water? Common Causes and Fixes

causes and fixes of car AC leaking water

  • Clogged Drain Pipe 
  • Low Refrigerant Level 
  • Broken Drain Pan 
  • Disconnected Drain Pipe 
  • Damaged Blower Motor 
  • Blocked Cabin Air Filter 
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A functioning car AC is indispensable for comfortable rides in UAE’s sweltering heat. However, it can be frustrating and concerning when one notices their car AC leaking water. This leakage from the air conditioning system is a common issue that stems from various causes. It can happen due to simple maintenance negligence or more complex mechanical problems. 

Here are the common causes of a car AC leaking water. We have also provided solutions for prompt diagnosis and prevention. 

Common Reasons For Water Leaking From Car AC And How to Fix Them

Water leakage is one of the most common car AC issues. It can occur due to many reasons which impact the working of an air conditioning system. 

For instance,  if the leakage happens due to low refrigerant levels, it can also cause a weak car AC airflow.  Similarly, other causes lead to leaking water from a car AC. 

Let’s go through the common causes of AC water leakage one by one. 

Clogged Drain Pipe

The most prevalent cause of car AC leaking water is a clogged drain pipe. It obstructs the passage of condensed moisture from the air, leading to its accumulation within the vehicle. 

Besides, dirt, debris, leaves or mould can accumulate over time and block the drain. As a result, the water seeps around the passenger footwell and one might come across water leaking when the AC is on in the car.

water leaking when the ac is on in the car due to clogged drain
A clogged drain pipe leads to over-condensation that results in leaks. Image Credits: Shutterstock Image Contributor – CHRISTIANTO


To fix a clogged drain pipe causing a car AC water leak, locate the pipe under the dashboard or near the firewall. Remove any visible blockages with a wire brush or compressed air. Flush the pipe with water and mild detergent, then check for proper drainage. You can also install a drain pipe screen to prevent water leaking from under your car.

Low Refrigerant Level

A crucial component for cooling the air, insufficient refrigerant levels in the AC system cause many problems. The evaporator core becomes excessively cold and freezes. As ice thaws, it overwhelms the drain pan, leading to leaks. Additionally, low refrigerant levels can compromise the system’s cooling efficiency causing the car AC to blow warm air.


To fix a car AC leaking water due to low refrigerant, locate the service port, measure the level with a gauge and add the recommended refrigerant. Besides, check for leaks and address them to prevent future issues. You can also visit car AC repair shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other cities for professional assistance.

visit a repair shop in case of water leaking from car ac
You can visit a car AC repair shop for professional assistance. Image Credits: Shutterstock Image Contributor – I AM NIKOM

Damaged Drain Pan

Located beneath the evaporator core, the drain pan collects condensed water before it exits through the drain pipe. Any cracks or breakage in the drain pan result in water leakage onto various car components below. That said, it is crucial to imply different car AC maintenance tips to address potential wear and tear.


First, locate the drain pan and inspect it for any cracks or breakage. After that, replace the damaged drain pan with a new one and ensure its correct installation. Practising such fixes of water leaking from the car AC will help prevent any further leaks in the car AC. 

Disconnected Drain Pipe

Due to vibrations or rough road conditions, the drain pipe connected to the evaporator core may become disconnected. When this happens, condensate is diverted to unintended areas and saturates the car’s carpeting. It leads to water leaking inside the car when the AC is on.


To fix a car AC leak caused by a disconnected drain pipe, follow a few simple steps. First, locate and reconnect the disconnected pipe securely to the evaporator core. Then, verify proper drainage by running the AC and checking for leaks. You can use zip ties or clamps to secure the pipe in place and minimise movement. 

Faulty Blower Motor

A blower motor is responsible for circulating cool air throughout the cabin. However, when it malfunctions, the motor impedes the proper airflow required for condensing moisture from the air. 

This disruption in the air circulation process leads to excessive condensation and subsequent leaks. In addition, it is among the probable reasons why a car AC creates a hissing noise.


If a car AC is dripping water due to a bad blower motor, we suggest you replace the component. Also, regularly check the blower motor for proper operation to prevent future water leaks and maintain optimal AC performance.

Cabin Air Filter Blockage

Another of the causes of water leaking from the car AC is a blocked cabin air filter. It restricts airflow across the evaporator core, hindering its ability to condense moisture from the air effectively. Such blockage increases the risk of water leaks within the vehicle cabin. Also, blocked cabin air filters cause a musty smell in car AC that adds to the ride discomfort.

car ac is dripping water due to clogged cabin air filter
A blocked cabin filter causes water leaks in the car’s air conditioning system. Image Credits: Shutterstock Image Contributor – wellphoto


If you come across a blocked cabin air filter, inspect it for dirt, debris or blockages. If the filter is clogged, replace it with a new one. Make sure to check the filter regularly to prevent any dirt buildup that can hinder a car AC’s functioning. 

Moreover, you can go through these auto parts and accessories for sale in the UAE to shop for such car AC components. 


Is it normal for a car to leak water when the AC is on?

Yes, it is normal to notice leaking water from a car AC when it is on. However, excessive water leakage inside a car, accompanied by unusual odours or decreased AC performance, warrants concern. 

Is a car AC leak serious?

A car AC leak can range from minor condensation to serious issues like refrigerant leaks or damaged components. Prompt attention to such leaks is crucial to prevent further damage.

How do I stop my AC from leaking water?

To prevent problems like a car AC leaking water, ensure proper maintenance, including regular cleaning of the drain pipe and replacing bad cabin air filters.

These were some of the causes of a car AC leaking water issue and its fixes. The leakage might indicate an underlying problem. This is why it’s recommended to seek professional help for timely diagnosis and optimal repairs. 

You may also experience poor AC performance which is a probable sign of a failing car AC compressor. Fortunately, there are many car AC repair shops in Abu Dhabi and other places across the UAE that you can visit.  

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To know more about different car problems and their prevention, keep reading dubizzle’s Autos blog. 


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