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Mobile Tyre Service Companies in Abu Dhabi

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The capital city of Abu Dhabi boasts a robust infrastructure with a network of well-maintained roads. Effectively regulated by the state-run transportation authorities, these routes ensure a seamless travelling experience in and around the city. Adding to the convenience of motorists is the widespread availability of mobile auto workshops, fixing car problems on the go. For instance, those seeking help with roadside tyre trouble can contact various service providers. To narrow down the available options, let’s round up some well-reviewed mobile tyre service providers in Abu Dhabi, according to Google ratings.

List of Mobile Tyre Service Companies in Abu Dhabi

mobile tyre service companies in abu dhabi contact number and other details
List of mobile tyre workshops in Abu Dhabi

Similar to how we discussed mobile tyre service companies in Dubai, here we’ve listed the ones in Abu Dhabi. Alongside the names of the mobile tyre shops, the round-up details their services and contact details.

Al Fatah Tyres

When it comes to mobile tyre service in Abu Dhabi, Al Fatah is a known name. According to its website, the service provider has experience in fixing both new and worn-out tyres. Furthermore, the company also sells different types of car tyres with the convenience of doorstep delivery.

Al Fatah Tyres Services

  • Tyre repair, tyre replacement, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, tyre pressure check, brakes and skimming, suspension tuning and oil change servicing, among other services.

Contact Details

  • Phone number: +971 2 554 6465
  • Website:

Service Hours

  • 9 am to 8 pm (Saturday – Thursday) | 8 am to 12 pm  and 3 pm to 7 pm (Friday)

Spark Tyres

Spark Tyre is a well known mobile tyre service company in Abu Dhabi
Besides tyre repairing, mobile workshops like Spark Tyres offer several other general car maintenance services

Spark Tyres is another noteworthy addition to the list of mobile tyre shops in Abu Dhabi. Those who purchase tyres from Spark Tyres also get some complimentary services. Many car owners opt for installing second-hand tyres as lower price makes them a more feasible option. That said, weighing the pros and cons of buying a used car tyre would help in making an informed choice.

Spark Tyres Services

New tyre installation and repair, engine oil change, battery service and brake servicing, among other car maintenance and fixes.

Contact Details

  • Phone number:+971 2 550 4323
  • Website:

Service Hours

  • 8 am to 11 pm (Saturday – Thursday) | 9 am to 12:30 pm  and 2:30 pm to 10 pm (Friday)

Saeedi Pro

Whether a car has wide or narrow tyres, the mobile services of Saeedi Pro can offer a quick fix. As a well-reviewed service provider, it is a noteworthy option for those seeking the best mobile tyre service companies in Abu Dhabi. Besides the capital, Saeedi Pro is located in Dubai and other emirates, occupying several locations in the country.

Saeedi Pro Services

tyre replacement, tyre repair, tyre rotation, tyre pressure check, nitrogen filling, wheel alignment and wheel balancing, among other features.

Contact Details

  • Phone number: +971 56 463 6457
  • Website:

Service Hours

  • 8 am to 7 pm (Monday – Saturday) | Closed on Sunday 

Car Recovery

Car Recovery is a popular on-demand mobile tyre repair service in Abu Dhabi
Car Recovery offer a variety of on-the-go tyre repair and maintenance services

Handling a tyre burst on the road requires a cautious approach. Moreover, in such a scenario a mobile tyre shop in Abu Dhabi like Car Recovery can be contacted. They offer many on-the-go tyre repair and maintenance services while assisting motorists with roadside emergencies. 

Car Recovery Services

Towing services, tyre replacement, car breakdown assistance, battery service, tyre repair, tyre pressure check and emergency pullouts from basements, among other services.

Contact Details

  • Phone number: +971 50 915 9574
  • Website:

Service Hours

  • 24 hours (seven days a week)

UAE Tyres

UAE tyre is another mobile tyre service provider in Abu Dhabi. It has a mobile tyre garage that caters to motorists facing tyre trouble on the go. With its wide-ranging services, this tyre shop can also provide expert fixes for various symptoms of tyre feathering. Moreover, UAE Tyres have a widespread reach, offering mobile tyre-fitting services in Abu Dhabi and other emirates.

Car Recovery Services

Tyre puncture repair, tyre-fitting, tyre replacement, battery services, engine oil change, nitrogen filling, tyre pressure check, wheel alignment and balancing, among other services.

Contact Details

  • Phone number: +971 800 525
  • Website:

Service Hours

  • 8:30 am to 9 pm (seven days a week)

On-site Tyre Repair Services in Abu Dhabi

Well-reviewed on-site tyre workshops in Abu Dhabi
List of some popular tyre workshops across the capital city

Besides mobile service providers, Abu Dhabi is home to several tyre shops motors can visit. Here’s a list of some well-reviewed ones, according to Google ratings.

  • Quick Care Tyre Trading
  • Tyre Care Plus LLC
  • Al Darwish Tyres and Oil
  • Capital City
  • Liberty Tyre Centre 
  • Road Pro Tyres and Oil
  • Golden Star Tyres Trading and Repairing
  • Quick Star Tyres Repair & Lubrication Shop


Is mobile tyre fitting safe?

Every motorist should follow roadside emergency safety tips to avoid any potential risks. Moreover, in case of a tyre emergency, always contact a well-reviewed mobile workshop, especially the ones with considerable experience.

Can mobile tyre fitters do wheel balancing?

Yes. Many mobile tyre shops in Abu Dhabi offer wheel alignment and wheel balancing, among other services. 

Where to buy tyres in Abu Dhabi? 

In addition to the aforementioned tyre shops, motorists can log on to dubizzle to find a variety of new and used tyres for sale in Abu Dhabi. 

There you have it – a round-up of some popular workshops offering mobile tyre service in Abu Dhabi. Effective tyre maintenance is among many other useful tips on how to prepare for a road trip.

Vehicle maintenance history is a crucial thing to check whether picking a new or a used car for sale in Abu Dhabi.

For more informative pieces on cheap mobile tyre service companies in Abu Dhabi, keep reading dubizzle auto blogs.


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