Dual Motor vs Single Motor EVs: Which Is Better?

Dual Motor VS Single Motor EVs

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Electric cars have gained widespread popularity and for good reasons. Despite initial concerns, many feared that electric vehicles (EVs) might not match the performance of traditional combustion engine cars. That said, dual-motor or single-motor EVs played a vital role in defining performance. While different types of EV motors are available, dual-motor vs single-motor EVs are the most debated ones.

Here’s a detailed comparison between dual-motor vs single-motor EVs, and let’s find out the performance and working differences.

Dual Motor or Single Motor EVs: Which One to Choose?

Single and dual-motor electric cars each have their advantages and considerations. The difference between single-motor and dual-motor EVs depends mainly upon performance, efficiency, cost and driving conditions. Here’s a comparison between the two types of electric cars.


battery and performance are different for single and dual-motor EVs
EVs perform differently on terrains depending on single or dual-motor configuration

When speaking of single vs dual-motor electric cars, the first difference is their performance. Dual-motor EVs have a motor connected to the front and rear wheels, offering better traction and stability. Alongside, it provides power to all the wheels, making it suitable for all-wheel drive EVs. For instance, Rivian R1T is one of the big names when it comes to off-roading with EVs due to its efficient dual-motor system.

Single-motor EVs typically have good performance but don’t have the acceleration and traction capabilities of dual-motor setups. However, advancements in single-motor technology have made them increasingly competitive in terms of performance.


Dual-motor EVs may consume slightly more energy due to the additional motor and mechanical components. However, advancements in motor efficiency and power management systems have minimised this difference. Besides, in some cases, dual motor setups can even enhance efficiency through optimised power distribution.

Thanks to the better batteries and tips to increase EV battery life, dual-motor EVs provide a longer range and improved performance. Meanwhile, single-motor EVs generally have simpler drivetrains, which can translate to slightly better energy efficiency compared to dual-motor setups. They may also have lower weight and fewer components, further contributing to efficiency gains.

Driving Conditions

ID.4 is available as dual and single-motor EV model
VW ID.4 is available in dual and single-motor configurations, and both trims differ in capabilities. Image Credits: Shutterstock Image Contributor – ginger_polina_bublik.

Dual-motor EVs often offer better acceleration and performance due to the increased power output and torque vectoring capabilities. They can deliver quicker acceleration and more dynamic handling. On the other hand, single-motor EVs may have less power, acceleration and handling compared to dual-motor models but still offer satisfactory performance for everyday driving needs.

If you drive on different types of off-roading terrains, such as hilly or mountainous regions, a dual-motor EV may offer better traction and stability. The independent control of each motor allows for more precise torque distribution to each wheel. It helps enhance grip and handling on uneven surfaces.

In less challenging terrain or predominantly flat areas, a single-motor EV may suffice. While it may not offer the same level of traction as a dual-motor system, it can still provide adequate performance for everyday driving.


Dual motor EVs tend to be more expensive due to the additional motor and associated components. However, as technology advances and production scales increase, the cost difference between single and dual-motor EVs is narrowing.


Dual-motor electric cars consume more energy due to the added weight and complexity of the system. This may result in a marginal reduction in range compared to equivalent single-motor models. Conversely, single-motor EVs may offer slightly better range due to their simpler drivetrain and potentially lighter weight.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, one can find more long-range EVs in the market. Besides, one can use EV range extenders to add extra miles. 

Dual-motor Tesla EV
Tesla has several models in dual-motor and are much costlier than single-motor EVs. Image Credits: Shutterstock Image Contributor – luizsantanna.

Maintenance and Reliability

Dual motor setups may have slightly higher maintenance requirements due to the additional components. However, modern EV drivetrains are known for their reliability and maintenance differences between single and dual-motor setups may be minimal.


Is dual-motor better than single-motor?

Dual-motor EVs offer advantages in traction, handling and performance, particularly in challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions. 

What are the advantages of dual-motor in electric cars?

While the benefits of dual-motor and single-motor EVs have slight differences, here are the main advantages of dual-motor electric cars:

  • Enhanced traction and stability, especially in challenging conditions.
  • Quicker acceleration and better handling due to combined power output.
  • Improved safety with better control in slippery conditions.
  • Potential for optimised regenerative braking and energy efficiency.

Why do Teslas have dual-motor?

Teslas utilise dual-motor configurations primarily for improved performance, traction, and handling. The dual-motor setup provides all-wheel drive capability, enhancing traction in various driving conditions, such as rain, snow or off-road terrain. However, you can find used Teslas for sale in the UAE with both single and dual-motor configurations.

Dual-motor vs single-motor EVs is more than a debate. Its performance and capability difference. When choosing an EV from a new or used car model for sale in the UAE, make sure you learn the differences between the two. Besides, you must decide between the decision to buy a new or used electric car by weighing the pros and cons of each.

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