Why Is the Wireless Phone Charger in the Car Not Working?

Reasons why a wireless car charger is not working

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With cutting-edge technology, manufacturers have made equipment efficient and easy to use. Gone are the days when one would plug in a cord in place of the car cigarette lighter to charge their phones. Wireless charging pads have emerged in place of cords, eliminating tangled wires. But have you faced an issue where the wireless car charger is not working? Or if it is charging the phone at a slow pace?

Several reasons contribute to the car’s wireless charging problems. For instance, the design or structure can be at fault, or the phone is incompatible. Let’s go through why wireless car chargers are not working and how to fix these issues. 

Wireless Car Charger Isn’t Charging the Phone: Reasons and Fixes

Among the useful car gadgets, a wireless charger has become a necessity. Automotive brands have integrated wireless charging in the latest car models. For instance, some 2024 hybrid car models, such as Lexus NXH, feature wireless chargers. Similar to other electronic instruments, a wireless car charger is subject to failure. That said, a wireless charge not connecting in the car is likely due to the following reasons.

Alignment Issues

A wireless charger transmits signals to the phone and starts charging. However, one of the reasons why the wireless car charger is not working can be due to the phone misalignment with the pad. Additionally, some wireless chargers can come with phone mounts, an essential practical accessory for cars. These phone mounts can have these alignment problems.

The transmitter coil can not transfer the energy to charge the phone if it is a few millimetres away. Besides, it can happen when the phone is slightly out of the charging pad.

a phone on wireless charger in car
If the phone doesn’t align with the charging pad, the wireless car charging will not be charging the phone

How to Fix Wireless Car Charger and Phone Alignment

If you have tried placing the phone correctly and the wireless car charger is not charging the phone, try removing the phone’s cover. Some phone covers, such as MagSafe for iPhones, are compatible with wireless charging. Since non-compatible phone back covers can cause hindrance in signal transmission, you can remove them and try positioning the phone completely on the charging pad.

Wireless Car Charger Size Issues

One of the misconceptions about wireless charging pads is that they fit all sizes. You can have a car wireless charger not working properly due to its dimensions smaller than the phone. The aesthetics and design of wireless charger depends on the transmitter. If the smartphone doesn’t connect to the transmitter, the car wireless charger will not provide power to the phone.

How to Fix in Case of Car Wireless Charger Not Detecting Phone Due to Dimensions

Even if the size is small, you can ensure placing the phone in such a way that the receiver in your phone connects to the transmitter. The wireless charger will start charging your smartphone.

Slow Charging

Integration of automotive electronics in comfort features adds to the convenience. However, if these features aren’t working efficiently, it becomes frustrating. Another issue that represents the wireless car charger not working properly is the slow charging speed. 

Wireless car charger charging an iPhone slowly
These chargers are usually slower than the ones with a cord

While the issue can be due to a low-powered charging pad, it can also happen due to the transmitter and receiver not connecting.

How to Fix Slow Charging

Although wireless car chargers are convenient, they offer relatively slower charging. One can replace the 5W (low-powered charging pad) with a 10W or 15W wireless charger. With more power, the magnetic field transmits the signals and boosts charging speed.

Car Qi Charger Not Installed

If your car doesn’t come with a pre-installed wireless charger, it is likely that you don’t have a Qi-certified wireless charger in the car. Therefore, when you buy an aftermarket car part over an OEM part, you may get a low-quality wireless charger. 

The latest wireless chargers are Qi-compatible and help charge the phone quickly. Speaking of that, if you buy a car phone holder with a wireless charger, ensure that it is QI-compatible.

How to Know About Qi Wireless Charger

If a wireless charging pad is not functioning in the vehicle, it can be due to a low-quality or fake Qi charger. Check for the Qi-compatibility using the following steps:

  • Ask the dealer about the manufacturer and research it yourself
  • Check for the Qi certificate or URL to verify if you are getting an original wireless car charger
charging an iPhone on Qi-certified wireless charger
If the wireless car charger isn’t Qi-certified, it won’t be working properly


Why Isn’t My Wireless Car Charger Charging My Phone?

If you have a wireless car charger not working, it can be due to phone and charger misalignment. Additionally, it can happen due to incompatible wireless chargers. 

Can We Charge Any Phone With Wireless Charger in Cars?

Yes, you can charge any phone. However, the phone must have the feature of wireless charging. Besides, you can learn the tips to pair your phone to the car since most of the connectivity features are wireless.

These were all the reasons why a wireless car charger is not working. If you have a car charging port not working, you can learn its causes and fixes. Besides, when buying a used car for sale in the UAE, inspect all the features before deciding.

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