Enhanced Off-Roading: All About Auto Lift Kits

All About Auto Lift Kits

When it comes to off-roading and all-terrain driving, the ground clearance of a vehicle plays a pivotal role. A higher ground clearance protects the car against undercarriage damage caused by bottoming out. This is why off-roading enthusiasts often opt for installing auto lift kits in their adventure vehicles. It is how they ensure that their rides steer clear of different obstacles in the desert and dirt roads.  

Let’s learn more about auto lift kits and their different types to understand how they work.

What are Auto Lift Kits?

auto lift kits in off-road vehicles
Auto lift kits are aftermarket modifications made to a car to alter its height and ground clearance

Lift kits are automotive components designed to give the desired vehicle a higher profile. They are not typically factory-fitted but are aftermarket modifications made to a car to alter its height and ground clearance. Auto lift kits enhance a vehicle’s drivability for various off-roading conditions. 

Parts used in such off-road modifications are carefully designed and rigorously tested to withstand all-terrain driving challenges. It is to ensure the safe and stable performance of a vehicle while cruising through unpaved roads. Car lift kits can be installed on utility trucks, SUVs and other types of off-road vehicles.

Types of Auto Lift Kits

Based on their features and functions, there are two types of car lift kits. Let’s take a closer look at both types to understand the difference between them.

Car Suspension Lift Kit

car suspension lift kit
A suspension lift kit can give a car as much as up to 9 inches of safe additional clearance

When a suspension lift kit is installed, the parts of the car suspension system are altered to increase its ground clearance. They typically include taller coil springs, longer control arms, extended shocks and other necessary alterations. A suspension lift kit can give a car as much as up to 12 inches of additional clearance. 

While a foot of extra height can be alluring, it may not be ideal for the vehicle. It might not be designed for such a height, which can impact handling and safety due to a disrupted centre of gravity. Therefore, most experts recommend limiting the altered vehicle ground clearance to 9 inches max.

Body Lift Kit

Unlike a car suspension lift kit, a body lift kit doesn’t involve altering suspension parts. Instead, it raises the vehicle’s body higher off the chassis by adding spacers or blocks between them. The typical height alteration range in a body lift kit is limited to between 2 and 5 inches.

Body lift kits may not significantly increase vehicle ground clearance but create more space between the body and the frame. This allows larger tyres to be fitted in much more quickly, giving the vehicle a higher and more aggressive stance. 

When comparing suspension lift vs body lift, remember that the latter is more affordable. Its installation requires fewer components and less effort. That said, opting for any one of these modification options depends on the driver’s preferences.

Pros and Cons of Auto Lift Kits

For those considering installing auto lift kits in off-roading vehicles, the following information will be resourceful. Here we’ve listed some noteworthy pros and cons of car lifting kits you should know about.

Pros of Car Lift Kits

advantages of car lifting kits
Vehicles with lift kits offer better towing capacity and traction due to wider tyres

Better Visibility

Off-road lift kits provide the advantage of improved visibility for drivers. By elevating the vehicle’s height, drivers can have a clearer view of the road ahead. It enhances safety and awareness during the all-terrain driving experiences. You can also adjust your car mirrors to maximise visibility.

Enhanced Ground Clearance

One of the obvious reasons behind installing lift kits is increased vehicle ground clearance. This allows off-road enthusiasts to be able to travel over different off-roading terrains without worrying about their vehicles bottoming out. Meanwhile, here are some handy tips for driving a lowered car safely.

More Towing Power and Better Traction

Vehicles that have lift kits put little stress on the shocks and suspension when used for the towing process. It naturally enhances their towing capacity, making the overall process safer without the fear of damage. Moreover, lifted cars often have larger tyres which offer better handling and traction in hazardous road conditions compared to standard tyres.

Improved Aesthetics

One of the most prominent benefits of installing a lift kit in cars is improved aesthetics. The higher the height of an off-road vehicle, the more aggressive it might look. Besides, a ride with a higher profile is something that off-road enthusiasts often take pride in. 

Cons of Auto Lift Kits

disadvantages of a lift kit
Improper installation of lift kits in vehicles can lead to various safety risks, including rollover accidents

Reduced Fuel Economy

It is among the major disadvantages of a lift kit. The increased weight, height and altered aerodynamics can lead to higher wind resistance, resulting in reduced fuel efficiency. Car owners need to consider this trade-off when deciding to lift their vehicles. That said, here are some effective ways to reduce your car fuel expenses.

Frequent Maintenance and Repairs

This is especially for those who install suspension lift kits. In such modifications, stock components are replaced with heavier and larger parts. The increased weight puts additional strain on engine and suspension components, often resulting in frequent maintenance checks and repairs.

Increased Safety Hazards

Improper installation of lift kits in vehicles can lead to various safety risks. For instance, extraordinarily heightened suspension dynamics often cause a disrupted centre of gravity and reduced stability. As a result, the chances of a vehicle toppling over at high speed significantly increase. Consider these safety implications carefully to install auto lift kits appropriately.

Issues with Manufacturer’s Warranty Claim

While lifting a vehicle may not completely invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, certain aspects can become void. However, the manufacturer’s warranty also doesn’t cover damage or mechanical issues caused by the aftermarket lift kit. 

In such a situation, the warranty coverage can be denied, leaving owners liable to pay for any future maintenance and repairs. To understand more about what car warranty covers, read here.

This was everything to know about auto lift kits, their different types and functionalities. However, before starting to build a project car in the UAE, read this guide. It presents a walkthrough of the necessary steps and the local laws about vehicle modifications. Besides, auto enthusiasts must also know about these go-kart driving tips. It is a fun motorsport activity.

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